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"This music is the result of creativity, communication and camaraderie. Sitting in a room with some extremely talented musicians, accompanied by vague musical concepts and rough cut of the film, we collaboratively composed over two hours of music in two days - which meant the film could be fine-cut with the final music. It was a unique and rewarding experience." - Jeremy Mayall, Music Supervisor/Composer





Jeremy Mayall – Music Supervisor / Electronics / Composer

Chris Lam Sam – Keys / Kazoo / Composer

Nick Granville – Guitar / Composer

Nick Tipping – Bass / Composer

Jeremy Badger – Drums / Composer

Adam Page - Sax / Flute / Composer


Ben Mannell – Recording Engineer

Thanks to all the musicians who answered our callout for music. We discovered a lot of talent and have included a few of these artists in the film.

Soundtrack for LAPWING is also available through our LAPWING page.