Thanks to all the musicians who answered our callout for music. We discovered a lot of talent and have included a few of these artists in the film.

Penny Black Original Score 12" Vinyl SOLD OUT

but music available on Bandcamp or on Spotify.


"This music is the result of creativity, communication and camaraderie. Sitting in a room with some extremely talented musicians, accompanied by vague musical concepts and rough cut of the film, we collaboratively composed over two hours of music in two days - which meant the film could be fine-cut with the final music. It was a unique and rewarding experience." - Jeremy Mayall, Music Supervisor/Composer





Jeremy Mayall – Music Supervisor / Electronics / Composer

Chris Lam Sam – Keys / Kazoo / Composer

Nick Granville – Guitar / Composer

Nick Tipping – Bass / Composer

Jeremy Badger – Drums / Composer

Adam Page - Sax / Flute / Composer


Ben Mannell – Recording Engineer

Soundtrack for LAPWING is also available through our LAPWING page.